Impact Tomorrow

We host events to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in every young, innovative mind.
Our Entrepreneurial Method gives you the resources needed to kickstart your venture.

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What We Do


Join us at our events across the Greater Toronto Area. Our annual exposition will feature a pitch competition where you will have the opportunity to pitch your business idea to earn seed funding.


Our workshops will help you build leadership skills that are not only applicable to an entrepreneurial voyage, but also for building a long term sustainable model for your personal professional development.


Our Entrepreneurial Method is a guided approach to entrepreneurship that factors in all stages of venture creation. We’ll teach you how to manage the risks and the rewards to ensure entrepreneurial success.

Impact Tomorrow Expo 2016

Our flagship event will feature a full-day of entrepreneurship workshops and speakers! The event runs from 10-6 on May 21 at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. Enjoy a full-day of entrepreneurship activities including panels, discussions, and keynotes. Lunch and refreshments included.

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Our Team

Rushi Gajaria
Lead Ideator

Aikeda Sayram

Andy Ly

Kevin Chan

Speakers & Workshop Leaders

Give back to the community by speaking at our annual Expo.
Build a lasting impression on aspiring young entrepreneurs by sharing your inspiring stories.
Our past speakers & workshop leaders have been an integral part of the delegate experience at the Impact Tomorrow Expo.

Bonnie Crombie
Mayor of the City of Mississauga

Daniel Francavilla
Founder & Executive Director, Access Charity
Creative Director, NOW Creative Group

Joyanne Howell
Founder & Lead Social Media Strategist, Open Mind Marketing

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Want to become a sponsor? Want to speak at the next big event? Send us your questions and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible!